Puerto Rico Interesting Facts

Puerto Rico is an alluring Caribbean island with much to offer. Year round tropical weather, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches entice thousands of visitors each year to this tropical island paradise. Filled with history, culture and natural beauty, visitors will discover the friendly hospitality of its people and a multiethnic culture that creatively brings together a tantalizing fusion of sights, sounds, flavors and experiences.

Take a look at some of these interesting facts about Puerto Rico to help plan your next vacation to the Isla Del Encanto and ESJ Towers.

  • Area:3,435 square miles
  • Population:3.9 million
  • Language:Spanish & English
  • Capital:San Juan
  • Government: Since Puerto Rico is U.S. territory, NO PASSPORT REQUIRED. Puerto Rico has its own
    constitution and laws. All U.S. federal laws apply to the island.
  • Time Zone:Atlantic Standard
  • Climate:Tropical marine, mild
  • Currency:U.S. dollar
  • Electricity:110 volts
  • Minimum age for gambling: 18 years
  • Immigration Requirements: No immigration requirement for U.S. citizens
  • Cars: U.S.license valid for 120 days; drive on right
  • Holidays:In addition to the national holidays in the US, Puerto Rico celebrates Three Kings Day,
    Jan. 6; Hostos' Birthday, Jan. 10; De Diego Day, Apr. 18; Muñoz Rivera's Birthday, July 18;
    Constitution Day, July 25; Barbosa's Birthday, July 27; Discovery of Puerto Rico, Nov. 19.
  • Anthem: La Borinqueña
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